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Monday, June 29, 2009

My Eldest Cousin Wedding - 06-06-09

Congratulation Sis...

Okey. This is my eldest cousin. Kharani Natasya her name or known as kak tasya. This one time nikah. Time tu kul 5pm and di buat di masjid kat area Jitra. My family and I arrived kat Jitra dlm pukul 9am. We all btolak dr umah at 3am. Fuh..memang penat seyh. Btw, the team of the day is black and white. Its coz kak tasya ni graduated from bachelor in law. So, kak tasya ni bakal lawyer la. amin.....

Here are some pic time waiting for that moment...

From left : Mak Long, Kak Ngah, Adik, Mama

Suasana dlm masjid dgn family yg attend.

Precious day for both of bridal.

All the gift from friends and family.

My cousin, Abg Mi, as a photographer.

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