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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jangan Lupa Lirik!!!!

Actually ni not about the tv show tu la.. juz nk share yg lately ni aku asyik tfikir about 1 lagu ni...x tahu la nape...niat hati nk bjanji kat sorg guy ni dgn bg that song...cet..jiwang aku x tahu la either btol ke x aku nk wat ni...aku trauma nk trust bnde2 ley cite lbey2...we'll share it later k...

~Avril Lavigne/Leona Lewis-I Will Be~

There’s nothing I can say to you
Nothing I could ever do
To make you see
What you mean to me

All the pain the tears they cry
Still you never said goodbye
And now I know
How far you’d go

I know I let you down
But its not like that now
This time I’ll never let you go

I will be
All that you want
And get my self together
Cause you keep me from falling apart

All my life I’ll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make every thing OK

I thought that I had every thing
I didn’t know what life could bring
But now I see honestly

You're the one thing I got right
The only one I let inside
Now I can breathe
Cause your here with me

Cause without you
I can’t sleep
I’m not gonna ever ever let you leave
You’re all I got
You’re all I want..Yeah

And without you
I don’t know what I’ll do
I could never ever live a day without you
Here with me do you see your all I need

with luv,

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