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Monday, June 29, 2009


Next day after the wedding, we all 1 family went to Langkawi. Juz for a night we went there. Even x lama, tp it still best coz this is a trip with my beloved family. We all naik ferry kat Kuala Perlis around 10.30 am and it takes an hour to smpai at that island. Mmg sesak gila at that time. Biasa la, cuti sekolah kan. Sampi je jeti we all x terus check in coz awl lg. We all trus g ke cable car. Wah..mmg best. Kecut perut tgk view dr atas.

x byk aktiviti here. Al-maklum la a nite je kan. but it still happening. We all grk blk esknye naik boat dlm kul2.30pm. Later or sooner we all will be there again. ;)

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