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Monday, October 1, 2012

Hi Singapore!

Singapura.. Ada apa?
Tak kisah la ada apa..
Yang penting, The Enjoyable Company Trip! Yeay.

Salam. Hye All!

On 15-17 September 2012, aku join company trip. Wah. best! Best sebab colleague aku semua memang terbaik and AWESOME! 3 days and 2 nights there memang tak terasa walaupun aktiviti tak crowded sangat. Even aku just 6 months join company tu PLUS aku dah tender pula sebab nak further study BUT mereka masih bawa aku ke Singapore. Thanks boss! :)

Our tentative is so simple and as per below:

First Day
6.30am: assemble in front of the office and gerak ke Singapore.
12.00pm: HI SINGAPORE! - Terus ke Zoo, and Marina Bay.
7.00pm: Check-in V-Lavendar Hotel and own activity. (My activity was cuci mata kat BUGIS STREET)

Second Day
9.00am: Assemble, breakfast and UNIVERSAL STUDIO.
10.00pm: Balik hotel and own activity. (Ehem. and my activity was went to GEYLANG! haa.. Azrul ajak ok. haha)

Third Day
9.00am: Assemble and went to Garden by the Bay.
12.00pm: Bye Singapore!
10.00pm: Arrived at office.

Like I said, simple je kan our tentative but the most important things is ENJOY! So, below ada picture2 yang aku attach kan. 

Breaky while waiting all the boss. :)

Programmer and boss for sales..

Our bus!


Our Team..

Yeay! My lovely friend from JB. Thanks datang.. :)

Marina Bay Sands.

USS.. :)


This is the one I scared for..

My lovely friends. 

P/s:This is the best memories I ever had with this company. Thanks give me an experience work here even for a few months and yes, all of you are very gorgeous. Miss u guys! - EXCEL SYSTEMS SDN. BHD.

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