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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Malam Hari Lahirku

Today is my birthday!
Yay.. getting older.. OMG!
Thanks for those who wished me.. almost 3am and I didn't sleep yet because replying all comments in fb. Really appreiate to all my fbian yang wish macam-macam. U all mmg sweet sgt. Even though ni sebab notification yang keluar," Today is Misz Whatever birthday. " Hell yeah.. aku tak kisah pun asalkan u all still remember your friend ni. Since a week ago aku macam nk update blog ni letak wish list TAPI tak tahu apa nak tulis. As simple as I can, ni je kot yang aku wishkan, I wish..:

  • to be a good daughter
  • to be a good friend
  • to have a good buddy
  • to be a good Mrs Gajah
  • to have a good Mr Gajah
  • to success in life
  • to have a good health
  • to have a good and happy life!
Yup.. No gadget, no present and nothing expensive. Aku just nak kehidupan yang sempurna bersama org tersayang. Like u all can see in my FB Page, I love all my friends and boleh nampak how they love me too. So that what I want in a relationship. 

I'm glad because till today I do have everything around me. I do have my lovely family, my sweetest friends, and also I already have my caring Mr. Gajah. I'm lucky to be who I am with those people like this. Honestly, Im too happy this year. Yup. I do have a lot a problems, up and down, but here I am. I'm still alive. Haha. 

P/s: Mr Gajah, I wish I can be with u on my birthday!  :(

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