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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Song in a Life

Song give a lot of meaning..
Without we realize, its meant to you
Everyone got their own history for the song

For me, I got a few songs that really meant to me. Sometimes aku tak boleh nak dengar langsung that song because it makes me remember about the past. Kalau gembira ok la juga kan, tapi kalau lagu tu menyebabkan kita sedih.. aish.. jauhkan la dari aku dengar. So, aku ada attach a few songs yang betul2 bermakna bagi aku.

Chris Brown- With you

This is my first song yang betul2 buat aku touching. Since 2008, aku tak boleh langsung nak dengar lagu ni until today. But org kata kalau kita nak hilangkan trauma atau apa pun benda yang kita tak boleh buat, we need to face it supaya kita jadi semakin kuat. I had tried but im failed for this song.

The second song is Silverchair-Without you

This song also make me very touch. Tapi tak sehebat lagu Chris Brown td la. But it is still make me remember someone. 

The last song that I wanna share is Katy Perry-Firework

Yup.. This is a latest song by Katy Perry. (Latest gak la) So, of course it is involve someone or something in my life. But im still fine.

So, of course all of you got your own meaningfull songs. It depends on us to elaborate the lyrics of the songs. Ok la guys. Maybe we got the same meaningfull and historical song. Do share ok? ;)

Here a list of songs that really meant to me:
  • Katy Perry-Thinking of you
  • Kangen Band-Cinta yang sempurna
  • Romance-Ku ingin kamu
  • David Cook-Always be my baby
p/s: For you Si Gajah!

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