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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thanks to all

This post was created as appreciation to those who came to visit me since the incident till today. A big thank you to my family, abah, mama and my siblings for their support. Also, thank you to all my friends who were with me at Broga Hills, Dana, Sham, Ezzad, Adam, Shida, Kobam and friends, Shahmi, Aiman, Cotet, Ain, Anes, Abib, Pilah, Mamat, Dayah and Alif. Without you guys, I won't be where I am now .
I also want to thank to all my friends that come to visit me, Intan, Atul, Liya, Huraini, Ikin, Ijat, Zaini, Ikhwan, Zul, Wafi, Pejal, Hafil and his gf, Ada and family, Syafiq and his fiancee, my cousin, Pit and his gf, my uncle and to those who are visited me while I was unconcious, thank you very much, though I didnt get to see you guys.
Not to forget, those who called, texted, or contacted me through fb, email, I really appreciate your concern, ezspecially Dr Azman and Dr Zuraidah, who kept calling asking about my condition.
Once im getting better, i will be back to Puncak. Cant wait to meet my friends. Miss u guys.

*thx to kak superbwallah (let me know who are u..plz)


Mama Hanim said...

Salam.. Tq, sudi view my blog. Mmg terkejut dgn apa yg berlaku tu.

Semoga cepat sembuh.. Take care..

Zara Amani said...

asal nama aku tak de? gila sedih! :(

Ms Whatever~ said...

wkmslm.. my pleasure.. thx to u too..
eh.. kan ada tu.. ;) sorry la babe.. ko dh la owg 1st yg dtg kan..

~PermataCahayaSaksi~ said...

Yeay!!!my name!! :) Semoga cepat sembuh babe.. (^^,)

Ms Whatever~ said...

hahaha.. insyallah..

kak ina kl (1) said...

hati-hati yer lain kali..semuga cepat sembuh

Dearie Pearls said...

get well soon..

*datang menziarahi melalui blog.

take care..

Ms Whatever~ said...

kak ina: tu la.. insyallah.. thx.. ;)
dearie pearls: haha.. ley je kan.. thx taw..