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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Second family I had.....

Since a month ago..
I love them all..
They're very kind and friendly..

* Aunty, Nabil, Syahirah, K.Ann

Semua ni start when I kerja disini. Butik Marian kt Bangi. Family Kak Jun and Kak Ann mmg best. I got another adik2 beside my real adik. I got Nabil, Iman, Syahmi, Syahirah, Irfan, Danial & also the youngest one is Danisha. I also got a kakak name Kak Mas.

*Nabil & Iman

We all playing futsal together, lepak, going to shopping.. whoa.. a lot of things. Rasa cam akan rindu these family la. Thanks to all of u and i promise i'll not forget u guys.

*Kak Mas

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